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Although our virtual fitness programs are top notch we recognize that sometimes people need something more. They need more attention, focus and some specialized training to help them reach their goals. With that in mind we are ready to offer top of the line personal and group training. Everytime you choose to work with one of our trainers you can be confident that you are working with a true professional. Our trainers fall in three categories: trainers, advanced trainers or master trainers. All of them need to meet certain professional standards but our advanced and master trainers distinguish themselves with more advanced certifications, years of experience or certain specializations. In most cases, the investment to work with a trainer will increase as their experience, certifications and specialization increases. That being said, each trainer has their own pricing structure. Please feel free to peruse our list of available trainers below. If you are interested in working with any of our trainers please fill out this simple form and we will be in touch with you soon.

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