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Special Offer For Moms!

FIT BODY is a complete fitness program, including muscle specific strength exercises, cardio, core, and even includes a stretch and mobility day. It’s a perfect fit for busy moms, giving you a great workout when you want and where you want. 

“FIT BODY” Program – How It Works

  • Each block contains 5 Days a Week + 1 Stretch and Mobility Day
  • Every Day Includes: Warm Up, Strength Training, Cardio and Core
  • Each Workout Is About 30 Minutes
  • Workouts Are In Video Format  – Just Follow Along With Leah
  • You Will Master Each Block In Two 4 Week Phases 
  • New Block To Master Every 8 Weeks
  • Equipment: Only Item Needed Is Yourself & A Resistance Band. Dumbbell Is Useful But Not Necessary

Included with every iKrave Fitness Membership

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What Are People Saying About Leah?

Leah and her team are welcoming, passionate and knowledgeable; they really go above and beyond to assist in your personal journey towards a ‘healthier lifestyle’. 

Leann R.

Leah is a wonderful and dynamic trainer, she is thoughtful and funny. She challenges everyone to push harder and be better than they even thought possible.

Lisa J.

I enjoy every class with Leah …. Leah helps you reach goals you never thought you could reach. I cannot begin to tell you what Leah at Krave fitness has done for me.

Melissa L.

Training with Leah and classes at Krave have transformed not only my body, but more importantly my outlook on exercise. My lifestyle has changed. I have learned so much …

Kat M.

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