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  • How is everyone liking block 2? Too hard? Too easy? Just right?

  • What’s everyone’s motivations to keep going? It’s been super hard for me to see any progress because I already feel so bad about myself, but today I had a small win during warm up when I tried to actually jump back after jacks to do the shoulder taps. I was always stepping back before, so I’m gonna call that progress 🙃

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    • Girl that warm up is created so that you will get better at it and notice the win so yaaau you! *i posted this last month not sure why it didn’t go through but re-posting!

  • Who has finished week 5 with no breaks? Did it make a difference?

  • Hi everyone, let me know how week one goes without any breaks! Take a peek at the Facebook page to add in my new start from scratch push up challenge that literally my 5 year old could do and you can too.

  • Starting a push up challenge this weekend. This is one everyone can do because it starts at 1. We will do 1 push up every day for one week and every Monday add one in. Consistency is key and that is what this program is all about.

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