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Brand NEW iKrave Fitness Community 

The answer to on-going obstacles that keep you from reaching your health and fitness goals.

Workout From Home - Convenience

I’m not sure what your situation is but I know there are a lot of people really struggle with consistency when it comes to in person workouts. Whether it’s things like Covid, kids, car trouble, sickness, time, travel or multiple other obstacles. Creating a virtual fitness program that allows you to workout in your own home, hotel or wherever you want and whenever you want removes those obstacles. And just to be clear convenience doesn’t mean easy, because growth takes work and we’re going to work hard!

Community - Support & Encouragement

Trying to get in shape or stay in shape isn’t easy, it takes hard work and having people that are supporting you and encouraging is essential. This is why we will be focusing so much on our community. The community will be interactive, fun, encouraging and super supportive. Many virtual fitness programs just give you the fitness and then leave you to get it done yourself. Here at the iKrave Community we are in this together. We want to give you a place to celebrate the victories, cry over the struggles and get the guidance and support you need! 

New Programs - Challenge Yourself

As the iKrave community grows so will your opportunities. We plan to consistently add new programs so you can challenge yourself, try new things and find your best fit.  We have a lot of things in the works and are considering programs like yoga, pilates, focused strength training, pure cardio, fight fit training and much more. We want to create a community that let’s people diversify their workout and change things up whenever they need a change. We’re excited to see people try new things and challenge themselves!

Coaching - Professional Guidance

I’ll be there every step of the way to support you, give you tips, answer questions and do whatever I can to help you succeed and reach your goals. I’ll be actively in our community interacting with you, providing guidance, encouragement, support and an occasional kick in the butt if you need it. Every month I’ll be providing a group coaching session to cover the most common topics and issues the community is facing. I’ll be listening and watching closely, so that I can provide you with the most relevant and practical tips and guidance possible!  

Clear Instruction - Peace of Mind

Nothing is more frustrating than investing in something but then getting confused about what to do. That won’t happen with our iKrave Fitness Program. We’ll lay out each step and the workouts can’t be any easier to follow. You will just follow along with me for each workout. When you are ready to workout you simply login to your membership, get to your next workout, hit play and then workout with me. I’ll do each movement with you and show you ways to make things easier or harder depending on your fitness level.  

Practical Tips + Content - Learn & Grow

Yes, you’ll get great workouts, an amazing community and a practical nutrition guide. That’s already much more than most virtual fitness programs offer. However, I’ll also be consistently putting together helpful health and fitness tips, giving you some of my favorite healthy recipes, and sharing reviews on different products, supplements, and more.  If it will help you on your health & fitness journey then I’ll be covering it. As this content grows, I’ll be creating a great resource library where you can jump in anytime to find just what you’re looking for.

What Are People Saying About Leah?

Leah and her team are welcoming, passionate and knowledgeable; they really go above and beyond to assist in your personal journey towards a ‘healthier lifestyle’. 

Leann R.

Leah is a wonderful and dynamic trainer, she is thoughtful and funny. She challenges everyone to push harder and be better than they even thought possible.

Lisa J.

I enjoy every class with Leah …. Leah helps you reach goals you never thought you could reach. I cannot begin to tell you what Leah at Krave fitness has done for me.

Melissa L.

Training with Leah and classes at Krave have transformed not only my body, but more importantly my outlook on exercise. My lifestyle has changed. I have learned so much …

Kat M.

Included with every iKrave Fitness Membership

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iKrave Fitness Program

iKrave Nutrition Guide

iKrave Community

Ask An Expert 

Expert Guest Speakers

Strength Library

Tips, Recipes, & More

Special Discounts

“FIT BODY” Program – How It Works

  • Each block contains 5 Days a Week + 1 Stretch and Mobility Day
  • Every Day Includes: Warm Up, Strength Training, Cardio and Core
  • Each Workout Is About 30 Minutes
  • Workouts Are In Video Format  – Just Follow Along With Leah
  • You Will Master Each Block In Two 4 Week Phases 
  • New Block To Master Every 8 Weeks
  • Equipment: Only Item Needed Is Yourself & A Resistance Band. Dumbbell Is Useful But Not Necessary

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